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RAINY DAY Analog Chorus


Image of RAINY DAY Analog Chorus
  • Image of RAINY DAY Analog Chorus
  • Image of RAINY DAY Analog Chorus
  • Image of RAINY DAY Analog Chorus
  • Image of RAINY DAY Analog Chorus

A Chorus you'll come back to time after time.

Direct In Shootout vs EHX Neo Clone (woah.) Glitch Tremolo

Analog Chorus never sounded so rich - you'll swear we snatched an original big purple box from the 80s and rehoused it!! Pat loves chorus - but is extremely picky about the pedals currently offered as 'analog chorus' candidates. Normally they are too thin sounding, or don't have the right wet signal to dry signal operation. This pedal solves both of those issues! Being an approved GuitarPCB.com builder: allow us to build you the Mini-Me PCB into a pedal you will never want to part with. Imagine that same single-switch depth pedal with it's own dedicated Depth Knob to navigate classic studio chorus tones from the 70s, 80s and beyond. Utilizing the MN3007 or Cool Audio 3207 modulation chip; you have access to some of the sweetest chorus tones that Pat has personally sound-sampled against many popular chorus pedals. You'll love the rate range, too - it gets lazer gun whacky fast! But don't limit it to classic chorus - slow the rate down and increase the depth to maximum and enjoy very lush near-flange sounds.


GLITCH TREM TOGGLE - Onboard circuit-bent house mod allows you to activate a wacky sounding sputtering tremolo via the affected LFO. On low depth it won't appear, but higher depth settings bring in the effect which creates a unique stuttering warble that can really get addicting fast. It does create a signal noise though; so use only for the weird stuff! Or whatever, pretend to be an alien or scare you neighbors with helicopter sounds. Just don't break your amp! haha.

THESE DO NOT STAY IN STOCK!! Get your order in before the PCB is sold out!!

- Analog Chorus for Guitar + Bass
- True Bypass foot-switch wiring
- GuitarPCB.com Fabricated PCB
- GLITCH toggle switch for weird tremolo sounds
- 9v DC Power ONLY
- 5mm Effect Bypass LED / Rate LED
- Available in multiple finishes/colors
- Includes Storage Box + Goodies

*Patrick Garland is an approved GuitarPCB.com builder