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PINK Drive


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It'll keep you going for the show..

If you're looking for the sounds of 1970s/1980s Rock - the Pink Drive has texture and control that might just suit your fancy. This best-selling Garland pedal offers users an interesting selection of opamp-based overdrive/distortion tones that we feel can hang with the best gain pedals on the market. This modern update to our classic Dos Armas gives you all the control you wanted and even juicier stacked drive selections. Effective Volume control starts you off and seems to make the pedal sound better as you go further up in decibels - much like a tube amp. We found awesome sounds with this pedal on both humbuckers and single coil pickups. Higher tone areas will open up some great cutting gain that doesn't become harsh and maintains a rich feel. Gain control tailors the range that your pedal is capable of: from semi-clean boost, OD, and up into meatier grind with a sweet harmonic structure and nice sustain. This is also one of those pedals that has multiple gain ranges as you roll the guitar volume knob back, so if you want it to clean up just dial back your guitar and see how modest things can get!

NEW HOTTER TONE! We changed a resistor or two and the value differences really opened up a nicer presence on the overall tone knob experience!

MORE FEATURES: OD control freak? Well we are too, so don't feel so bad. Pat's Smooth Toggle gives you just a slight change in the squawk and frequency of your overall tone; fantastic for shaping a thin sounding guitar or amp or sculpting stacked sounds with other pedals. Next, the Diode Toggle opens up the pedal into almost a Plexi-like tightness/compression, with TONS of volume to boot: allowing the Pink Drive to stand on it's own, or switch back to stock diodes for friendlier drive stacking.

V3 DIODE TOGGLE: 3-Positions toggle now gives you access to the original settings plus a new middle setting that takes things from 11 to 12 in a quick switch! This setting is louder than LED mode, and focuses on this fuzzy clipped side of the pedal. On hotter pickups and high Gain the pedal will literally bloom into fuzz attack that can swell, so watch out how you set it!

Build Time: 10-15 Business Days (from day order is placed). Essentially 3 weeks.

- SMOOTH Toggle
- DIODE Toggle *NEW v3 MOD!

- 125B mid-size enclosure
- True Bypass foot-switch wiring
- Point-to-point, hand-built circuit assembly
- Locally hand-sourced components
- Handpicked TL071 IC Chip
- Top Mounted Jacks
- Genuine Fender tweed tolex covering
- 9vDC Power ONLY
- Pink 5mm LED w/ Chrome Bezel
- Pink 1510 Knobs
- Includes Storage Box and Manual

Pedalboard dimensions: 4.8"L x 2.7"W x 1.9"H


Tele Strat/LP