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  • Image of WEAPON Boost
  • Image of WEAPON Boost
  • Image of WEAPON Boost

*ORDERS PLACED 1/25-2/25: Will not begin until after we return from the Alamo City Guitar Bazaar trade show in San Antonio.


Make room for your new 'secret weapon'! This is one incredible and versatile semi-clean 'sparkle' boost from Pat & Garland FX. Place the Weapon Boost after gain effects or in an amp's effects-loop for rich, cutting boost capabilities. It reacts perfectly to the type of guitar/pickups/amp you use, allowing for natural sounding volume and tonal enhancement for all of your music. Never will the Weapon over-color your tone, it only adds volume and a slight bit of high end/high mid sparkle to augment your already great sounding signal. Depending on what pickups you are putting into it, the Weapon will be more or less clean. Hot humbuckers will gain things up; while medium/low gain flavored pickups will have more of a cleaner experience. Try it before your dirt pedals and gain devices for a great gain/compressor type boost that isn't too loud but adds a great gain stage to your dirty signal. Also great in front of any clean or dirty amp on it's own. This pedal will give you tremendous sonic power for it's size and single knob. If you're looking for strictly volume, but are bored by most boosts - give this a shot. Guitar & BASS FRIENDLY!

Build Time: 5-10 Business Days (from day order is placed).

- MICRO SIZED 1590A Enclosure
- Clean/Sparkle Volume/Pickup Boost for Guitar and Bass
- True Bypass foot-switch wiring
- Point-to-point, hand-built circuit assembly
- Hand-picked components
- 2n5485 Transistor, usually socketed for experimentation
- Genuine Fender tweed tolex covering
- 9vDC Jack ONLY
- 3mm Effect Bypass LED
- Includes Storage Box, Sticker, Picks, and Manual
- Available in multiple finishes/colors
- Customizable LEDs, Knobs, Finish

Pedalboard dimensions: 3.6"L x 1.6"W x 1.7"H