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RAINY DAY Analog Chorus


Image of RAINY DAY Analog Chorus
  • Image of RAINY DAY Analog Chorus
  • Image of RAINY DAY Analog Chorus
  • Image of RAINY DAY Analog Chorus

*ORDERS PLACED 1/25-2/25: Will not begin until after we return from the Alamo City Guitar Bazaar trade show in San Antonio.


Get stuck in the analog downpour of our favorite chorus tones; all made possible by GuitarPCB.com's fabulous bucket-brigade style Mini-Me circuit utilizing the MN3007 Microprocessor.

Patrick is a certified '80s head'; having been born there and grown up with it's saturated nostalgia. What was it about the Chorus and Flange effect that had everyone running to the music store in the late 70s, early 80s? Regardless, that sound is always going to be one of Pat's faves - and now his favorite Chorus circuit can belong to your pedalboard! It all begins with the classic 80s Chorus pedals that we all know and love - they sound amazing, but can be limited in certain ways. For example, some people find the array of vintage analog chorus pedals to vary greatly from one to the next in signal quality, effect coloration, tonal coloration, and overall signal level. The Rainy Day doesn't lose signal or add to it, helping to keep things even-keel when you set sail on the stormy seas. It doesn't underwhelm or overpower; the Depth control allows you to sculpt the intensity of the modulation for light or heavy 'syrup'. Feeling freaky? Flip the Glitch Tremolo Toggle and see what kind of stranger Chorus tones you can develop - it makes the even wave of the Chorus become sputtery, semi distorted, and choppy. It sortof goes away on below-50%-Depth settings - but it was super fun on the higher settings that set it off! Want true 80s Chorus? Get caught in the rain. Try it on Bass too! Please allow extra time for this pedal build as it involves sourcing unique components and thorough testing before shipment.

Build Time: 10-15 Business Days (from day order is placed). Essentially 3 weeks.

- Classic Analog Chorus for Guitar or Bass
- 125B Enclosure
- True Bypass foot-switch wiring
- GuitarPCB.com fabricated PCB*
- Hand-picked components
- 9vDC Power
- SPEED, DEPTH Controls
- GLITCH TREMOLO Toggle Switch
- 5mm Effect Bypass LED
- 5mm Rate LED
- Includes Storage Box, Sticker, Picks, and Manual
- Available in multiple finishes/colors
- Customizable LEDs, Knobs, Finish

*Patrick Garland is an approved GuitarPCB.com builder