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ECTO Combo Drive


Image of ECTO Combo Drive
  • Image of ECTO Combo Drive
  • Image of ECTO Combo Drive
  • Image of ECTO Combo Drive
  • Image of ECTO Combo Drive
Go ahead and cross the streams, or don't.

The Ecto Combo straps a Pink Drive onto your guitar signal and combines it with our fan-favorite clean boost - which is perfect in a number of situations where you want to achieve cutting overdrive/distortion with sweet stacking and lead capabilities. It plays nice with all types of other signal-chain drives and gain effects, while still standing out in any situation where you want to combine the drive + boost or just use each on their own. We've also set you up with the Diode Toggle from the Pink Drive v3 so you can make the drive louder and cleaner for more subdued OD sounds. Check out the Pink Drive and Candle Boost pages for information about these circuits on their own.

Build Time: 10-15 Business Days (from day order is placed). Essentially 3 weeks.

- 125B mid-size enclosure for compact dual operation
- Modern Drive + Boost for Guitar and Bass
- True Bypass foot-switch wiring
- Point-to-point, hand-built circuit assembly
- Hand-picked components
- Genuine Fender tweed tolex covering
- 9vDC Power ONLY
- 2x 5mm Effect Bypass LEDs
- Standard Drive Knobs, Splattered Boost Knob
- Includes Storage Box, Sticker, and Manual
- Customizable LEDs, Knobs, Finish

Pedalboard dimensions: 4.8"L x 2.7"W x 1.9"H