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LAST UPDATE: 6/23/2019

We hold ourselves to a high standard of customer service, and hope that will be reflected when you order and use a Garland FX device. Patrick is always ready to help out if you have questions, concerns, or issues regarding your pedal purchase.

Please visit the CONTACT page if you need our help in any way!



All Garland FX pedals include a lifetime repair warranty that covers service for your device for as long as it exists on planet earth, no matter who the owner is.*** All you ever pay is the shipping* to get the pedal to our shop and we handle the rest with professional service attitude and communication. We'll let you know what to expect as far as wait time with any problem. If it means rebuilding the pedal, so be it! We stand behind our work.





All orders from the Garland FX menu constitute a pre-made or custom-made pedal that is ready and shipped in under 10-15 business days (2-3 weeks, possibly 3-4 weeks during sales). All pedals are shipped via USPS: Priority Mail for USA residents and First Class for international. International orders generally take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to ship depending on your area. USA shipments take 3-5 days for delivery. Please contact us if you feel your package has not arrived or something is wrong. All order shipments include tracking # for convenient updates and notices regarding your shipment. Please visit USPS.com if you need to track an order, report a lost package or need any further information.



We no longer offer clone/one-off/chasing-this-sound builds. They are too volatile and can become a refund nightmare after weeks of hard work that is returned for 'not sounding exactly how we imagined'. That's really unfair to a builder who is going off of your gear and your instrument and your playing - sometimes it's a home run, and sometimes the builder strikes out hard by failing to deliver the customer's ear-sought tone. We are sorry that we can't offer this, but please - trust our menu. If the menu item returns; we can at least resell it and recuperate your refund - the one-offs and strange clones just end up in the island of misfit pedals or cannibalized for parts.



We know not every pedal makes it permanently onto someone's board. Sometimes things just don't work out sonically. That's why we offer a 7-day return period starting the day your pedal is marked as 'delivered' by the USPS. After 7-days we will offer an exchange of equal value for 23 more days depending on if you want to exchange the item for something else on our menu.



In the rare event that you receive a pedal that is malfunctioning immediately - we will usually cover this with our own return label. This is a one time complimentary coverage. After this repair we will return the pedal to you, but from there you must pay on your end to ship the pedal to us in case of further issues (unless the issue is obviously not normal). You get ONE label. If the label is not printed within 48 hours it may expire. Clients must print and mail the pedal in question IMMEDIATELY. We remind each and every client who receives a return label to check their email (which they provided) in order to confirm they received the label and printed it without issues. If a client does not print the label within the expiration limit - we will not provide a second label.



PLEASE PACK YOUR ITEM WELL!! Use tons of newspaper or whatever you can find to secure the pedal during shipment. Damage from improper shipping will result in a voided warranty. NEVER write out the address on a label!! PRINT YOUR LABEL - copy the address below and print a good label. Poorly labeled shipments get lost or don't arrive on time, or they get sent back to the sender. Use a return address for exactly where you want the pedal to be returned to. Include a note with a description of what is wrong with your device when you pack it up - include your name and return address.

Patrick Garland
2401 W Sam Houston Pkwy N, #1026
Houston, TX 77043



Garland FX is not McDonalds. We are not Walmart, we are not Starbucks. If a client approaches us with a negative attitude or creates too many demands that do not adhere to our build plan/perimeters - we will terminate your project with an included refund. This same standard applies to a pre-existing pedal. If a client becomes unruly or uncooperative as per our policies - we will void the repair/replacement policy and let you deal with the pedals yourself. This exists in order to protect our business from overbearing and unrealistic clients that truly do not understand the level of detail and hard work that goes into their pedal. There is nothing more disrespectful to us than a client who constantly creates issues along the build process and refuses to listen when we warn them to "stay in their lane" and let us build the pedal. We do not want to exclude clients, but if a person is too difficult for us to do business with - we will cancel the project.



As a member of our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you are a privileged partner of our community. We are happy to be involved in the lives of our clients, enjoying your gear and living the dream. Unfortunately, this can become an issue when someone abuses our social media/messaging platforms. Please limit social media messaging to your guitar or project - unless it is an absolute emergency. We have too many people messaging us and corresponding with us for business to have our inbox cluttered with junk. We appreciate your understanding and hope the community can stay less toxic and keep our business running without the stress of negative social media.